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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day in the Life of Billi Tiner @TinerBooks #BookClub #Contemporary #Romance

I recently had the good fortune to reach the point in my writing career where I could quit my job and devote my time to writing full-time. Prior to that point, I had a job that kept me on the road a lot. I did all my writing while alone at night in various hotel rooms. I had a vision that once I quit my job, I would spend my time sitting in my home office typing away on my computer writing my next big novel. What I didn’t count on were the many distractions there are that can fill up a day. As a wife and mother, I found myself using the time at home alone to do chores such as housework, grocery shopping, etc. Then, I would look at the clock and see that the kids would be home soon, and I hadn’t done any writing. It took me a while to realize that I was going to need to set up a schedule that included time specifically dedicated to writing. I have settled into a good routine, where I can spend 5-6 hours per day writing four days per week. I have dedicated one day to household chores. This schedule has seemed to work for me. My evenings are filled with family activities. I have a teenage daughter and an elementary school age son. They both keep me hopping with their schedules. I am very grateful that I can now enjoy all their various activities, instead of spending evenings alone on the road. I’m pretty sure my husband is happy about that as well.
As far as what I like to do outside of writing, I am an avid sports fan, especially college football and basketball. I try to watch every Oklahoma State University game that is televised and try to attend at least one game each year. I also enjoy spending time outdoors. I have a large rose garden and several fruit trees in my yard, so during the spring and summer, I spend a large amount of time gardening. I also love walking, and when the weather permits, try to spend at least one hour each day walking.

From the author of “Dogs Aren’t Men” comes “To Love a Cat”, a contemporary romance novel.
Catherine “Cat” James’ life is simple and orderly, and she likes it that way. She loves her job as an accountant. Working with numbers is safe and routine, no surprises. Her childhood had been very abusive and unstable. She vowed not to live that way as an adult. She also made a promise to herself to become a foster parent. She wished someone had been there for her as a teenager, to let her know she wasn’t alone.
Cat agrees to foster Ethan Summers, a troubled teenage boy whose childhood closely resembles her own. Suddenly, her nice and orderly life is filled with chaos and uncertainty. Things really start to spin out of control when circumstances bring police detective Mitch Holt into the picture. He’s handsome, charming, and definitely not what Cat needs right now, or so she thinks.
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Genre – Contemporary Romance
Rating – PG
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