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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles (Book 1) by Alexandra Anthony


Three hours later I was pulling out of Thompson BMW in a brand new silver 550i, courtesy of Nick Hart.  I was heading home when my cell phone rang and I gave a quick glance at the caller id.

Carlton Wood.

Sighing heavily, I pressed the speakerphone button and answered.  "Hey Dad."

"I just spoke with Elliott.  He informed me you're working for Nick Hart and you need to sign a NDA.  You need to bring it by so I can look over it."

That's my father for you.  Never one to mince words, he didn't bother with pleasantries.  He was all business, straight to the point.  I had five minutes, tops.

"I'm doing great, Dad.  Thanks for asking," I snapped.  "Would it kill you to act like you care?"

"Savannah, I am concerned, hence my phone call now.  Stop by the house this evening so I can at least look over it."

It was a little too late for him to look over a contract.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I was already driving my signing bonus.

"I really don't have time tonight.  I'm having drinks with Siobhan later," I said apologetically.  It wasn't a lie.  I was seeing Siobhan later.  It was a convenient excuse since I had no desire to see my step-monster Bree.  She was four years older than me and I was positive the term ‘bitch on wheels’ was coined after an encounter with her.  She was mere arm candy for my father, a perfect Stepford wife with more silicone than brains.  My father didn't like his women with an opinion.  He preferred them to just stand around and look pretty.

Did I mention I wasn't fond of her? There was no love lost between us, believe me.

"Please tell me Elliott at least looked it over," he replied distractedly.  My five minutes was nearly up.

Fighting to keep my voice level, I spoke softly.  "Dad, do you think Elliott would screw me over?"

A brief silence greeted me before he answered.  "Of course not, Savannah.  Give Siobhan my best."

"I will.  Thanks for calling, Dad.  I mean it.

"Goodbye, dear."

I hung up and dialed Siobhan next.

"Hey, Blondie."

"Von, you know I hate that nickname," I groaned.  "Guess who I just met?"

"Hmmm..." Siobhan hummed.  I could hear her fingernails tapping on her desk.  "I give.  Who?"

Smiling smugly, I checked my rear view mirror.  "Nick Hart."

"Nick Hart? The Nick Hart? The same one that was eye fucking you across the room last night?"

"Yep.  Your Dad called me last night and had me come into interview for a PA job.  I didn't know who the client was until today." I made a sharp right turn into my driveway.  I let the car idle while I finished my phone call.

"Girl, what time are we meeting tonight? I have to hear the entire story."

It was nearly 4 pm now.  I'd like to unwind before running out to start gossiping with Siobhan.  "How about 8?"

"Works for me," Siobhan agreed.  "Savannah, promise me one thing right now."

I knew where this was going before she asked but indulged her anyway.  "How long have we known each other? You know I don't promise anything."

"Whatever, Blondie.  Promise me if you get the chance you'll bang him like a screen door in a hurricane.  And I want all the torrid details!"

I quickly cut her off.  "Goodbye, Von!"

I'd tucked my phone away when I started laughing hysterically.  I'd never tell Siobhan that I'd already imagined doing that very thing.  It was unfortunate that he was my employer and it would never happen.  I'd have to stay focused or I'd never get any work done with Nick's charm and unabashed sex appeal.

Leave it to me to go from one extreme to the other.  I go from working for a disgusting drug addict to an irresistible, sexy beast.

It figures.  I've always had impeccably horrible timing.


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