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Friday, January 17, 2014

Author Interview - Dermot Davis @dermotdavis1

Tell me about the book that the author in the novel writes; the book that changed the world?

I forget who it was that said that madness and genius are very close allies but sometimes it’s not so easy to tell them apart. We don’t really understand the nature of creativity and where it comes from but that seems to be where all the great ideas and the great art of the world originates. This book posits that one of the greatest books ever written comes not from a person that we consider a “genius” but rather a neglected and failed author that we consider “crazy.”

Tell us about your book? What’s it about and why did you write it?

Stormy Weather is a novel about a psychologist who specializes in dream interpretation and who one day wakes up in a dream that he can’t seem to wake up from. Like a dream detective, he must look around his dream reality for clues in order to solve the enigma of his entrapment.

The book is about dreams?

The book is partly a questioning about what reality or what we call ‘consciousness” really is. Whatever state you find yourself in, then that’s your reality. When you’re in a dream, then that’s the only reality you know. We only call that reality a “dream state” when we’re in another reality that we call “waking reality.” We have no knowledge of a “waking reality” when we’re in the reality of the “dream state.”

But your protagonist knows that he’s in a dream?

Not at first, no. Just as some people question that this reality we share just might be a dream, he also begins to reason within the dream that he just might be in a dream. It’s his training that prompts him to question. However, it’s also his training that just might keep him stuck in his dream state.

Explain that?

Reasoning and intellect can only take us so far. Integration and healing of the whole person can only take place when we allow ourselves to heal on an emotional and spiritual level as well.

This is a book about healing, then?

Yes, although the protagonist, Robert Monro, is not aware that the problems he is having in his life and in his marriage are related to incidents in his past that require healing. It is only when he summons the courage to remember and to experience his past traumas that they provide the key for him to wake from his dream world.


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