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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Symbolon (The Sibylline Trilogy) by Delia Colvin (Excerpt)

Alex hadn’t expected to like the tiny Etruscan village, but Carrara had grown on him, as Kristiana had. The discovery of the extraordinary, white marble, heralded as the finest in the world, had changed not only his fate but the fate of the residents of Carrara, as it created a major industry in the sleepy town.

It was still early when the sun slowly rose over the mountains, in Kristiana’s studio. Alex watched as the light shifted dramatically through the various hatches in the ceiling of the studio capturing the white dust that clung gracefully to the air and coated everything within yards of the building, including Alex and Kristiana, with its mystical sparkle; transforming an otherwise drab room into a magical place.

“Why are you striking it there?” he asked, amazed at Kristiana’s adeptness with the hammer and chisel.

“Watch!” she ordered, without taking her eyes from their position on the glistening white stone. The chisel sat angled on the delicate face of her sculpture. Alex held his breath as the hammer gently tapped on the marble and the piece broke away perfectly, leaving what would become the delicate chin of a woman.

The room held numerous works that Kristiana had completed recently and had not yet been sold. Most of her sculptures were of women that rose, arms outstretched, from the sea. Her work was a marvel to him in that is was ageless and appeared to be effortless.

Noticing his expression after her last tap, she signaled for him to come closer for another lesson. “As I tell all of my students,” she quipped, seductively placing Alex’s hand on her chest, “You must feel the cut in your heart first before you cut with your hand.” She pulled his arms around her. With Kristiana, he could almost imagine what it would be like to be happy.

“But you must practice! I never see you practice anymore,” she scolded, softly. An unfinished work sat in the corner. Neither Kristiana, nor Alex had the nerve to move it. The face could be transformed into someone else but he didn’t have the heart for the work anymore.

Analyzing one of her works, Alex said, almost distracted, “You need the marble more than I do.” It wasn’t a complete lie. He had told her that he would go up the mountain to select and purchase more marble—it gave him something to do. He envied Kristiana with her passion of creating art for the sake of creation. His goal had only been to see Cassandra and Alex had no desire to create other works. He knew that his hands and heart knew only that subject. It was better not to sculpt.

She rose, facing him, with a mischievous smile, and turned his palms towards her, “To be a great artist you must have the marble in your veins.” She placed his hands on her hips, covered in white dust. He smelled her hair and felt her curves. “But we will begin with it on your hands.”

He kissed her lightly and offered her a rare smile. Then pulling back, he said, “I need to leave now, if you wish me to return this evening.”

Until then, he had been concerned that too much time away from her would cause his mind to wander back to Cassandra, causing his pain to return. But now, after a month of togetherness, he knew that he needed the time to himself. And Kristiana needed marble.

She sighed, “Tonight then.” She kissed his neck and pressed into him to close the sale.

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